AGM NOTES March 30, 2016

SLA@SLAIS Meeting Minutes

March 30, 2016

In attendance: Linnea Lawton, Tim Rainey, Marché Riley, Cecilia Rose, Roxanne
Kalenborn, Michele Jennings, and Brianna Gormly

1. Recap of 2015/2016 SLA@SLAIS Events

  • a. Downtown library tours
  • b. Bake sale
  • c. Professional panel

2. Voting for 2016/2017 executive positions

  • a. SLA Western Canada Chapter representative: Emilee Wagner
  • b. Webmaster: Steve Thompson
  • c. Treasurer: Michele Jennings

3. Summer library tour

  • a. UBC Law Library
  • b. Possible days/times: Tuesday or Thursday mornings

4. Final tasks for outgoing executive

  • a. editing SLA@SLAIS wiki: Roxanne, Brianna, and CC

SLA professional panel discussion, January 20, 2016

DSCI0005 (800x600)

On Wednesday, January 20th, the SLAIS chapter of the SLA hosted a professional panel discussion on Convergence: Special Librarian Roles in Libraries, Archives and Museums. It featured a mix of research librarians and archivists from the commercial, public and legal sectors. On the panel, we had (pictured, from left to right):

Our panellists were given various questions about aspects of their job, the information field and some thoughts on how best SLAISers can utilise their time at UBC’s iSchool.

What do you like most about your role?

Taryn Day (TD) – the ability to try anything. Lululemon works under the ethos of asking for forgiveness rather than asking for permission.

Bronwyn Guiton (BG) – prefers working with lawyers because their information needs are more honed than those of the public.

Carolyn Soltau (CS) – most enjoys the fact that the media sector is ever-changing as is her role. Her role touches on private investigating, photo-archiving and researching for reporters. The sector changes in the way it does because its prime source of revenue, advertising, is so unstable.

Kristy Waller (KW) – she finds the preservation process of audio-visual material satisfying in that it helps future generations to access the digitised material while the original remains protected.

Jana Buhlmann (JB) – the bureaucracy. She enjoys the problem-solving element in working with records and bringing Libraries and Archives Canada (LAC) closer to the public. Public servants care about what they do.

What did you learn most from your time at the iSchool?

BG – do professional experience in an area that you are interested in. BG had taken the legal information sources and services class. However, BG pointed out that LLP only required her training on that class for the first five minutes of her role there.

CS – focused on aptitude and learning to get on with an array of personalities. Join professional associations in order to build networks. She added that her Co-op experience was most helpful.

JB – applied experience over and above experience from the course work is a must. You are interviewing the job just as much as the employer is interviewing you.

In what ways is your field changing?

BG – the library sector is changing its attitude positively towards ebooks. The cost of storing them is cheaper than it is for storing print resources.

CS – the media sector remains ambivalent to librarians. At Vancouver Sun, the librarians were lucky to have been unionised. That way, they became embedded with the Vancouver Sun’s office.

KW – there has been a spike in interest in archives and what they can offer librarians.

What are the benefits of bringing together the work of professionals from different backgrounds?

TD – Taryn is the only librarian at Lululemon. She alone manages five libraries for each process: trim, fabric and books. The library also functions as an archive where she receives 75-100 requests per day from all quarters of the business. It is often more critical to deal with the business requests first before those from the design department.

CS – Carolyn is part of a staff of twelve people. Even so, the archival team is still required to keep a tight rein on its resources. The team has had to make tough choices in the past whenever human resources have become limited.

JB – LAC is in the process of fusing various elements at around the same time: libraries with archives, private records with government records. At present, the processes are separate. LAC is working towards the concept of a national presence and to develop a proactive relationship with the publishing sector.

Questions about specific issues


CS – the media sector has come to treat digitisation as an efficient means to recover business costs. The corporate media operates under business imperatives rather than public imperatives. Carolyn then took the opportunity to promote a data visualisation workshop at Langara College on April 13.


TD – she was never keen on IT courses. When she took classes on Microsoft Access during her librarianship studies. She was sceptical that her experience on that application was strong enough for Lululemon’s requirements. However, she found that Lululemon was basing its archive on a single spreadsheet. So, she created a database on Access for them. In 2017, Lululemon will open an IT department. The message is that you can be surprised just how much of a skills shortfall some organisations have.


KW – when she was digitising video tapes, she applied for a grant from the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre for a small digitisation centre. It is easier to win grants for projects than for the wage bill.


KW – Western Front did not have many provisions for security issues. So much so, they considered positioning some plants in the office in such a way as to deter burglars.

JB – LAC has a regional-based office, in Burnaby. Facilitating access to its digital resources to the public can bring about security issues.

CS – there needs to be a partnership between media professionals and IT for corporate information security. The Province and Vancouver Sun had been archiving its video content in step with IT requirements. The security provisions for this process have become more critical since the launching of the digital revolution.

Sign off

In all, this was a very successful event and it was good to hear so many interesting experiences and insights.



January 11, 2016

In attendance: Brianna Gormly, Emilee Wagner, Cecilia Rose, Steve Thompson,
Roxanne Kalenborn, Mattias Olshausen, and J’Amy McCracken

1. Open co-chair position

Emily has stepped down as co-chair to take a great job opportunity. Roxanne invites interested SLA members to consider joining her as co-chair

2. Upcoming SLA panel

a. Next Wednesday, January 20th 11:00-12:30 (panel starts at 11:30)

b. Co-facilitators: CC and Roxanne

c. Panelists

i. Taryn Day (Lululemon Sample Librarian and Archivist)

ii. Bronwyn Guiton (Research Librarian at Lawson Lundell LLP)

iii. Carolyn Soltau (Research Librarian with The Province and Vancouver Sun)

iv. Kristy Waller (Media Archivist at Western Front)

v. Other invited panelist from B.C. Hydro and Library and Archives Canada may confirm in the next few days

d. Panelists will be asked to give a 2-3 minute introduction

e. Everyone involved in panel planning should review the tasks in the Google doc and make sure that all tasks have volunteers

f. SLA members should also contribute questions to the Google doc

3. Open Treasurer position

Mattias voted in as Treasurer

4. Emails should be sent through the listservs first on Tuesday, January 12 and again
on Sunday, January 17

SLA Professional Panel Discussion

Convergence: Information Professionals in Libraries and Archives

Wednesday, January 20th, 2016

11:00am-12:30pm (panel begins at 11:30am)

Rm. 301 Lillooet Room, Irving K. Barber Centre

The Special Libraries Association (SLA) UBC Student Chapter is pleased to invite all SLAIS students, staff, faculty and recent graduates to a panel discussion on the topic of the convergence of information professionals’ roles in both libraries and archives.

This is a great opportunity to find out more about special libraries and archives, ask general questions about the panelists’ roles within their organizations, and discuss the differences between their roles as librarians and/or archivists. Many of the panelists are former SLAIS grads and/or are actively involved with the SLA Western Canada Chapter.

Lunch and refreshments will be served. Please register at the link below before 3pm, Monday, January 18th if you would like to participate in the lunch (vegetarian and vegan options available) and indicate any dietary specifications.


If you are interested in volunteering to help out with the event, would like to submit topics or questions for the panel, or have any questions or concerns, please contact Cecilia Rose at

Thanks! Hope to see you all there!

SLA @ SLAIS Student Chapter

SLA Data Discovery and Visualization event

On November 24, the Western Canada chapter marked its end-of-year event with a talk by Chad Skelton at Langara College. Chad demonstrated how organizations can visualize datasets using various display tools. He is a consultant and former data journalist at the Vancouver Sun. You can find the SLA’s link to the event HERE.

Here are some further links on the applications that Chad was showing us:

Tableau Public

Google Fusion

CANSIM – datasets from Statistics Canada.

Chad’s delivery was… racy, as he took us through the whole process from deciding on finding the right stats (very easy to get lost trying to find things on CANSIM) through to converting into colourful charts and graphics on Tableau and Google Fusion.

All in all, it was an entertaining talk and some great q&a discussion afterwards. And some of us newbies on the MLIS course got to meet Lindsay Tripp, the new President of SLA Western Canada chapter.

Meeting Notes November 23, 2015

SLA@SLAIS Meeting Minutes

November 23, 2015

Trail Room

In attendance: Roxanne Kalenborn, Mattias Olshausen, Cecelia Rose, Brianna Gormly, Emily Nickerson, and Stephen Thompson

1. SLA WCC update (CC)

  • AGM and year end report
  • Year-end event tomorrow (November 24): “Data Discovery and
  • New SLA WCC president: Lindsey Tripp

2. Bake sale re-cap

  • Bake sale held on November 17 earned 65 dollars

3. January SLA@SLAIS panel

a. Possible panelists (based on both SLA and ACA suggestions)

i. Lululemon (Taryn Day): Brianna will contact

ii. Teck Resources (Lindsey Tripp): CC will contact

iii. BC Securities Commission: Steve will contact

iv. Museum of Anthropology (Alissa Cherry): Brianna will contact

v. Union of BC Indian Chiefs: CC will contact

b. Set up Eventbright registration to give us a head count for ordering food

4. Meetings next term

Mondays at 5:00 pm

5. January orientation for new MLIS cohort

This is expected to take place on Monday January 4

SLA Bake sale, November 17th

On November 17th, the SLA Exec got together and ran a bake sale at the iSchool. The Exec benefited from having some bakers and so we got some homemade cakes. In total, the sale raised $65.

Good effort everyone!

Bake sale goods

Meeting notes, October 29, 2015


October 29, 2015

Location: Trail Room

In attendance: Roxanne Kalenborn, Mattias Olshausen, Cecelia Rose, Brianna Gormly,Emily Nickerson, and Stephen Thompson

  1. November events
  • Bake sale November 17th 11:00 to 2:00
  • CHLA tour of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia library November 20th
  1. SLA annual panel
  • Panel will be held in January during the first few weeks of the term
  • We might consider partnering with ACA to focus the panel on librarians and archivists in nontraditional roles
  • Possible panelists:

Taryn Day (Lululemon)

SLA WCC President (Teck Resources)

Greg Kozak (B.C. Hydro)

City of Vancouver Municipality librarian

BC Securities Commission librarian


CC will need to provide a summary of what our group has done this year

  1. Next meeting
  • November 23rd (?)
  • Come with ideas for the January panel

Meeting notes September 21, 2015


September 21, 2015

Location: Trail Room

In attendance: J’Amy McCracken, Mattias Olshausen, Michele Jennings, Alex Kuskowski, Cecilia Rose, Megan Smiley, Roxanne Kalenborn, Emily Nickerson, and Brianna Gormly

1) Overview of upcoming library tours

a) Tours have been scheduled for Thursday October 8th at 2:00 to 4:00

b) Tour hosts are VPL Special Collections, VPL Digital Innovation Centre, and the Canadian Music Centre library

2) Work to be done before the tours

a) advertising:

i) Inform other interested student groups about the event, specifically ACA and ARLIS (Brianna and Alex)

ii) Write event details on the SLAIS whiteboard (Brianna)

iii) Arrange digital signage at SLAIS (Emily)

b) thank you gifts for tour hosts

i) Purchase gift cards (Emily)

ii) Contact LASSA Treasurer about obtaining money for gifts (Megan)

c) Brianna (and any other execs who will be on campus) can meet students coming from campus at the bus loop

3) Other events

  • The panel will be rescheduled later this term and execs will continue to email possible panellists
  • Tours at the courthouse library and Van Dusen Botanical Gardens library might be arranged for later in the term
  • The bake sale last year was successful and SLA@SLAIS should repeat this event, possible around Halloween or the end of the term

4) Current member interests for future events

  • Prison libraries
  • Law libraries
  • UBC copyright librarian or a librarian specializes in researching patents
  • Fashion libraries

5) Voting on vacant exec positions

  • Treasurer: Megan
  • Communications: J’Amy
  • Co-chair: Roxanne
  • Webmaster: Taylor

6) Future meetings

  1. Meetings will be once a month possibly on Mondays or Tuesdays at lunch.
  2. Emily will email absent members to determine the best time for all members and book the trail room

7) WWC update

  1. Over the summer the SLA proposed and implemented increased centralization in the organization, particularly with regard to funding
  2. SLA has an upcoming conflict management workshop and a discounted price for the workshop is available for students


Meeting Minutes: February 24 2015

February 24, 2015 | 11:00 AM | Trail Room

In attendance: Stef Alexandru, Eka Grguric, Emily Nickerson, Bonnie Paige, Alex Kuskowski, Taylor Kenkel, and Brianna Gormly

  1. SLA week recap
    1. Crane, Xwi7xwa, and Regent libraries were all hits and should be considered for future tours
    2. Special Collections and other special libraries with archives divisions are good for bringing in dual students
    3. We might look into the UBC architecture library for next time
    4. Panel recap
      1. We need to coordinate scheduling better next time
      2. Panel received positive feedback from the panelists
      3. Esther Miller needs to be reimbursed for parking (in general, we need to check that parking passes in the future are not expired)
    5. We can improve turnout next time by spamming listservs
  2. SLA-WCC Mentorship
    1. Stef will bring our questions to the SLA-WCC board via the chapter president
    2. Clarify if SLA membership would be required
    3. The mentorship program could be a joint effort with Langara
  3. Open exec positions for next year
    1. Voting will take place at the March meeting (can this be a pub meeting?)
    2. Announcement at the LASSA AGM March 10th (Stef and Brianna)
  4. Upcoming bake sale
    1. Stef will send out a Google doc for people to sign up for baking
    2. Date set for Tuesday March 10th 1:00-3:00
  5. Tour suggestions from January 13th meeting
    1. science libraries
      1. Idea proposed for a GIS library event in connection with ASIS&T
      2. Contact Kevin Lindstrom at Woodward Library who covers subject areas related to GIS
    2. fashion libraries
      1. Taryn Day at Lululemon would be willing to talk to interested students, but a tour may not be possible due to the nature of the material
  6. SLA-WCC upcoming pub night
    1. Contact LASSA for our $50 contribution (Emily)
    2. Event is March 3rd at Steel Toad Brew Pub
    3. We need to spam listservs and get a head count ASAP
    4. Stef will take care of digital signage
  7. Other business
    1. Elise is still working on getting our money from AMS
    2. Need to contact Elim Wong and ask if she will be our advisor (Emily)
      1. Elim teaches Lexis Nexis/ other similar tools to law students and would be probably be willing to teach us
    3. ARLIS Art Gallery tour this Thursday (Feb. 26)